EnSolv Fluoro

EnSolv Fluoro is for INDUSTRIAL USE only. It is not designed for consumer use. EnSolv Fluoro is a VOC exempt solvent that can be used neat in light cleaning or as rinsing agent. Acting as a co-solvent it can add positive characteristics to heavy duty cleaning blends.

TDS EnSolv Fluoro


SDS EnSolv Fluoro

Solvent Properties
Boiling Point 56 °C
Specific Gravity 1.47 g/mL @ 25°C
Flash Point None
Vapor Pressure 31kPa @ 25°C
Specific Heat 1.28 KJ/kg*K@ 25°C
Dielectric Strength (AC Volts) 6.6 @ 23C
Appearance Clear & Bright
Viscosity 0.65mPa*s @ 25°C