Solvent Test Kits

Extend the Life of Solvents

Doing regular Acid Acceptance Tests (on any solvent) is critical in maintaining a “healthy” solvent for cleaning parts.

Solvents can become acidic for 3 main reasons:

1) Excessive water in the solvent.
2) High contamination of soft metal chips.
3) Bad heater (electric) elements.

Once a solvent turns acidic, it can NOT be brought back to acceptable working conditions by adding stabilizers. The system will need completely drained and neutralized. If this procedure is not done and new solvent is introduced into the system, it will go acidic again in a very short time period. Therefore, regular Acid Acceptance Tests are CRITICAL in avoiding an acidic solvent condition.

Solvent Test Kits

Power Kleen offers Solvent Acid Acceptance Testing Kits for most solvents including: EnSolv nPB, TCEPERC, and Solvent Test Kits.

We also offer assistance with Industrial Waste Disposal and Recycling.