Spare Parts

We offer a wide variety of spare parts for ALL degreaser brands. Please contact us with your specific request.

Replacement Heaters

Power Kleen offers a complete line of replacement heaters (all shapes and sizes) even custom order replacements.


Regularly changing a filter can greatly extend the life of solvents and chemistries, as well as, aid in overall part cleanliness. Power Kleen offers a wide range of filters from: large micron bag filters, to small micron cartridge filters.


 Gaskets are critical in eliminating expensive and sometimes toxic leaks. Power Kleen offers gaskets of every shape, size and material.

Sight Glasses

Power Kleen can supply replacement Sight Glasses (and valves) of any diameter and length.

Ultrasonic Immersibles

Replacement Sonics: Branson, Webber, Crest, Ultrsonic Power (and more) we have you covered.


From Gusher to Price, Aqueous to Solvent, we can supply the right pump to get the job done.

Retractable Covers

Both Manual Push Button or with Programmable Capabilities

We can Install them for you!